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Unit 2 – Interdependence of Organisms

The essential question for Unit 2 “Can life exist in isolation?”


And so the story of biology continues…


“Life does not exist alone. All organisms on the planet are dependent on one another and their environment to ensure survival. Organisms do not live in isolation; plants, animals and microorganisms are constantly interacting with each other and with their natural surroundings. Those interactions have consequences, both positive and negative, for not only us but for every other living organism that shares this planet.”

 Unit 2 Video Notes РDUE Thursday 9/3

Assignments and Notebook Glue-ins can be found below

Unit 2 WordCloud (Vocabulary)

Levels of Organization Glue-in

Food Web Glue-in

Food Chain Glue-in

Energy Pyramid half-sheet

Ecological Pyramid Practice

Food Chain/Web Performance Assessment

Symbiotic Relationships Worksheet and Symbiotic Relationships Accompany Slides

Nitrogen Cycle Background Reading

Carbon/Nitrogen Cycle Diagrams

Cycling of Matter Review

Why Compost Reading

Succession Worksheet

Squirrel Island LAB

Squirrel Island LAB Scenarios – (Pick one to use for the above lab.)


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