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Unit 4 – Evolution

The essential question for Unit 4 is – What accounts for the diversity of Life?

“Life changes over time. The characteristics utilized to organize life reflect both the pressures of an organism’s ecosystem, and the gradual change of organisms in response. Over millions of years, species have adapted to ensure their survival, leading to the amazing variety and biodiversity we find today.”


The required reading for Unit for is pages: 183-185, 286-309, 316-338, 348-349. Remember at this point you should have your log ins for the Online text book.


Video Notes for Unit 4


Videos to watch

Evidence of Evolution

Book of Life

Assignments for Unit 4

Unit 4 Word Cloud

Unit 4 KUD

Evidence of Evolution LAB

Introduction to Evolution Questions

Introduction to Evolution Article

Evolution Concepts Activity

Evolution Concepts Powerpoint

Evolution What’s Next?: Guiding Questions

Evolution Timeline

Evolution Timeline information

Gene Pool, Genetic Drift, Natural Selection Glue-ins

Concept Map

Self Assessment of Unit 4

Unit 4 Reflection Exit Ticket


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