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Unit 7 – Cells and Life

The essential question for Unit 7 is “How are cells a reflection of life?”

“Life is diverse. The world in which we live can be divided into two very basic parts, living and non-living. Although considerable variation exists, every living thing on Earth is composed of cells. From the tiniest blade of grass to the tallest tree, from the algae that turns the pond green to the fisherman standing on its banks, cells are the building blocks in which the chemistry of life occurs.”

Video Notes for the unit


Use the following link if youtube isn’t cooperating with you. Log in as if you are logging into a RISD computer. Your user name and password and then the password to the video is my last name.




 Assignments for Unit 7 (not a comprehensive list)

Virus Fact Sheet

Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes

Comparing Cells Activity

Cell Structure and Function Cheat Sheet

Cell Structure and Function Assessment

Cell Membrane Glue In

Lytic and Lysogenic Diagram

Animal vs Plant Cell Diagrams


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