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Unit 12 – Plant Systems

The essential question for Unit 12 is : “How are plants responsive to their environment? “

The story of biology continues…

Life is responsive. An organism’s growth and development conforms to a well-defined pattern of differentiation controlled by their genetic makeup. Animal development proceeds through an orderly series of stages after fertilization, whereas plants have a more open-ended, indeterminate growth that is influenced by the environment. Regardless of the pattern of development, all living systems respond to stimuli and environmental cues that influence their behavior.

Unit 12 Video notes – Due Friday 3/4/16

You have classtime on Thursday to work on your notes. Chromebooks will be available if you need them.

This is the youtube link for the videos https://youtu.be/54mxPvisvH4


If you have technical issues with the schools wifi and that – try this link http://viewpure.com/54mxPvisvH4?start=0&end=0

This is a link for the video on mediacast – if it asks you to log in, use your normal username and password for accessing RISD computers. http://mediacast.risd.org/url/109223 there is a special password for the video after you log in, that password is ‘haughton’


Extra supplementary Videos for Unit 12



Angiosperms and Reproduction


Plant Reproduction



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